Ahmad Kamal Khan started his journey in the year 1993. He initially started his business under the name ACME TANNING.

He grew up with a dream to be one of the finest producers of great leather goods across the globe. It was only when he moved abroad (Netherlands) in 1999 he realized the dream he took up as his passion was something rare and less accessible elsewhere.


Over the years, the idea was born to flourish his business in The Netherlands by fusing the exceptional craftsmanship and quality leather from India with the modern distribution channels along with his partner Mr. Bas in DUGROS BV.


He returned to India (Kolkata) in the year 2006 and started working on forming DUGROS LEATHER (INDIA) PVT LTD in collaboration with DUGROS BV. In the year 2010, the base was laid and DUGROS LEATHER (INDIA) PVT LTD was formed.


We hand picked some best craftsmen and staffs and started our adventure of creating the best leather goods to provide a stronger value to the buyers.


We believe in leather. We believe that every little scratch and mark tells a story. We believe in natural materials that only improve with time. We believe in real people and real relations with the people that wear our bags and carry our wallets. We believe that every craftsman must strive to create something that will last longer than himself.


Stay tuned with us for more ……………………………………………….

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